Seasoning Dry Powder Chilli

Quick Details:

Style: Dry        
Type: Chilli        
Process Type: Chopped, crushed, powder
Drying Process: Air dried        
Cultivation Type: Common        
Part: Base removed
Color: Red        
Moisture: 12% Max        
Shelf Life: 24 months
5X5mm, 3X3mm, powder

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chopped chilli.jpg Chilli powder A grade详情图三.jpg Chilli 5X5MM详情图四.jpg

Origin: High-quality dried chili from China


1. Can used for cooking and seasoning.

2. Extraction of pigment used for food

3. Effects of improving digestion

4. Decrease blood sugar

5. Lose weight.

Chili pepper is rich in vitamin C, protein, such as nutrient elements and substances necessary for human body.


Moisture: <10 g/100g

Sulfur dioxide: <0.001 g/kg

Total arsenic: <0.10 mg/kg

DDT: <0.01 mg/kg

Methamidophos: < 0.01 mg/kg

HCHS: <0.01mg/kg

Package: in bulk, use plastic food-bag and cartons

Shelf life: 24 months

Lead time: 2-3 weeks.

Free samples: Available