Dehydrated Dried Beet Roots

Quick Details:

Style: Dehydrated        
Type: Red Beet        
Process Type: Chips, granulated
Drying Process: Air dried        
Cultivation Type: Common        
Part: Beet roots
Color: Red        
Moisture: 8% Max        
Shelf Life: 24 months
10*10*3mm, 5*5*5mm, 10*10*10mm, Strips

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Red Beet 2x2x20mm详情图二.jpg


Granules 5*5mm, 10*10mm

Strips 3*3*20mm, 2*2*20mm

Beet Powder

Used as: instant noodle flavoring, fast soup food ingredients, or preserved vegetables making.

Texture: Free-flowing
Color: Dark red
Flavor/Odor: characteristic of red beet
Taste: Typical of beet, no off-tastes
Inner packing: Double plastic bags
Outer packing: Paper carton
Storage: Store the product under fresh & dry conditions, temperature at 20-25 °C, do not leave product exposed.
Shelf life: 24 months from manufacturing date when kept in its original packaging and is stored according to above mentioned conditions.