Dehydrated Cabbage Flakes

Quick Details:

Style: Dehydrated        
Type: Cabbage        
Process Type: Flakes
Drying Process: Air dried        
Cultivation Type: Common        
Part: Whole
Color: Green and yellow        
Moisture: 8% Max        
Shelf Life: 24 months
Mixed with Yellow and green part

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CABBAGE GRANULES相亲图二.jpg 详情图二.jpg

Size: 10*10mm, 15x15mm, 20x20mm,25*25mm or as requested

Color: green or yellow or green and yellow mixed

Flavor: characteristic taste of cabbage , no foreign odours or flavours

Moisture: ≤ 8%

Total plate count: <100,000 cfu /g

Coliforms: <500 cfu/g

Yeast & mould: <100cfu/g

Salmonella: Negative

Package: Bulk, 20kg / carton,double plastic bag wrapped in carton, 9-10MT/20'FCL

1. It is a kind of dried vegetable which is made after removing most of the water from vegetables by artificial heating
2. It is not only delicious and fresh, but also retains the original nutritional value.
3. It is smaller and lighter than fresh food, and it will recover in water.
4. it's convenient for transportation