Spray Dried Tomato Powder

Quick Details:

Style: Dried        
Type: Seasoning tomato        
Process Type: Powdered
Drying Process: Spray dried        
Cultivation Type: Common        
Part: Whole fruit
Color: Red        
Moisture: 5%        
Shelf Life: 18 months
40/60/80 mesh

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tomato powder spray dried.jpg  Spray dried tomato powder.jpg

Spray dried tomato powder:

A pure natural product, contains lots of lycopene, different vitamins, amino acids, organics and minerals.

  • Additive: Food grade Sio₂≤1.5% as an antitackiness agent.
  • Application: Flavor powder for food like chips, corn flakes, fast soup making, seasoning and so on.
  • Package: Two aluminium foil bags in one carton, 10kg/bag, Or 12.5kg/bag, 2 bags/carton.
  • Storage: Moisture ≤60%, temperature within 20℃, keep the goods in dry places and away from sunlight.
  • Process:

Tomato paste→ preheating→ Hyperbaric spraying→ Hot air drying→ Fluidized bed cooling→ Mixing→ Screening→ Deironing→ Metal Detection→ Weighing & Packaging

                                        Specification of Tomato Powder

Index Testing result
Color Consistently red or yellow-red
Shape Loose and homogeneous granules
Taste and flavor Typical of ripe tomatoes, without any off-flavor
Purities No obvious caking, burnt powder or other foreign matters
Moisture ≤5%
Total acidity 5%-9% (Calculated by anhydrous citric acid)
Lycopene ≥110mg/100g
Ash ≤12%
Total plate count ≤1000cfu/g
Coliform ≤3.0MPN/g
Mould and yeast ≤50cfu/g