Freeze Dried Strawberry

Quick Details:

Style: Dried        
Type: Strawberry        
Process Type: Whole or granulated
Drying Process: Freeze dried (FD)        
Cultivation Type: Common        
Part: Whole flesh
Color: Red        
Moisture: 5% Max        
Shelf Life: 12 months
Whole or broken, powder

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picture 2.jpg strawberrly granules 1-5mm.详情图三.jpg 80 mesh with 1% Sio2详情图四.jpg

Name: Freeze dried strawberry

Specification: Whole/ Broken 1-6mm/ Broken 6-12mm/ Powder 40-80 mesh

Color:Keep the original various color and lustre

Taste: Strawberry special flavor

Aroma: Pure fragrance of Strawberry

Morphology: Crisp

Impurities: No visible external impurities

Moisture: 5% Max (Vocuum 70℃, 6 hours)

Total plate count: ≤50000cfu/g

Coliforms: Negative

Mold: ≤500cfu/g

Yeast: ≤500cfu/g

Pathogenic: Negative

Packing: Bulk package two layer PE bags or aluminum foil bag, hot sealing closely, carton, not nailing.

Storage: Temperature within 25℃, humidity not exceed 50%

Shelf life: 12 months