Fresh Garlic News in The End of April

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Garlic production area ----Henan

The early maturing fresh garlic is the first to appear on the market, and the late maturing garlic has also entered the prosperous long term. The garlic fields begin to harvest the new crop.

1. fresh garlic dynamic in Qi County production area
It is the concentrated area of early maturity garlic planting,especially the Wulihe town. According to the information of international garlic trade network research , Qi County early maturing garlic planting happened to hit the rainy period in last autumn sowing, part of the high-lying plots can be normal sowing, but the planting time of other low-lying water plots  delayed a week or so, and individual plots planting time even delayed half a month.
According to the investigation , most of the early maturing garlic is sown before the National Day because the garlic farmers in Henan have the habit of planting early, and the planting time in the high-lying plots is basically the same as in previous years. Currently, it is the harvest season of garlic. The excavation of precocious garlic in Qi County has been more than two weeks. Because precocious garlic whose maturity is poor is mostly used for fresh food, the largest head of fresh garlic excavated in individual plots is about seven and a half. 
In general, because garlic farmers for the field management is relatively fine, coupled with the hydrothermal condition is good, autumn sowing in 2021 garlic seedling is overall well. We also learned that some plots in Qi County, fresh garlic maturity is about 80%, the better plots can dig out 3700-3800 pounds of fresh garlic in one mu, some general plots can dig out about 3600 pounds, and the poor plots can dig out 2400-2500 pounds of fresh garlic in one mu. The large yield difference is affected by many factors, including planting time, soil fertility, planting period management and so on.
2.Fresh garlic dynamic in Zhongmu production area
Zhongmu Hansi town and its surrounding areas are the stable planting and concentration of early maturing garlic. Last year's autumn sowing period, due to the flooding, garlic farmers missed the best sowing time,so that some people planted garlic initiative frustrated, the early garlic planting area contracted compared with the year before. However, in the information age today, market awareness of garlic farmers is also improving, and seed selection, field management is more exquisite. Part of the harvest of garlic is covered with two membrane, making the stress resistance ability of garlic plant enhanced. At the end of March and the beginning of April, with the increase of cargo volume, the price experienced a high fall adjustment stage. After entering this week by the cooling weather, the purchase price also rises from a low price of more than a week ago to the high price of 3.20 yuan/kg on April 18.  
From the perspective of fresh garlic, the size of early-maturing fresh garlic varies from 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm to 6.0cm, and the content of 6.0cm in some good plots can reach up to 40%. Garlic sold by seedling is 0.18-0.20 yuan/head, 2.80-3.00 yuan/kg.  
Now,  ZhongMou Korean temple town of fresh garlic to excavation of a week or so, the head is not completely mature. After preliminary communication with the origin agent and garlic farmers, industry insiders said many local garlic plot is in the period of the most vigorous growth, the fresh garlic for sale is not ripe enough, so that its output is not representative and in order to produce a larger reference price worth waiting until the end of April and early May to consider.  
3.Fresh garlic dynamic in Huaiyang production area
On April 11, huaiyang precocious fresh garlic began to appear on the market. The price of fresh garlic was about 4.40 yuan/kg, and the maturity of garlic rice was slightly worse. On april 18, raw garlic prices was at 2.40-2.60 yuan/kg, peeled fresh garlic prices was at 3.4-3.6 yuan/kg, and seedling garlic price was at 0.18-0.20 yuan per head.  
It is understood that most of the local precocious garlic was planted at the end of September last year, and the precocious garlic output in this year is flat or slightly increased than last year. The yield in good plot per Mu is at 3200-3500 catty, while in general plot is at 2800-3000 catty, and in individual good plot is increased by 10%. From the head, large size takes a large proportion, and 5.5cm above takes about 80%. According to previous practice, most of huaiyang premature garlic is sold as fresh garlic, which is sent to Hebei, northeast, Shanxi and other markets, but affected by the epidemic this year, shipment are not smooth.  
At present, henan qi county, Zhongmou production area of precocious land is a busy scene. The amount of goods on the market is also increasing day by day. This year, people seem to be particularly active in selling garlic, with fresh garlic purchasing prices at a low level compared to the same period in 2021. In the near future, fresh garlic supply will enter the peak, facing the impact of the supply side.