The Latest Quotation of Garlic Market

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Today (April 13), the price of cold storage garlic hard rise. Many stockists intend to raise the price because of the tight supply of good quality goods, so that the just need merchants to follow up a little passive. The good quality mixed grade and grade garlic trading heat in the production areas is well. The garlic prices in main production areas raise up two to three points, while other production areas run smoothly. Aside this, some fresh garlic in Henan is listed, whose price is about 3.60yuan/kg.

Shandong Production Area: 
In the morning, the garlic market in the warehouse is hard, in which the sellers of good quality goods are hard, and the sellers of inferior quality goods are also more insistent. On the whole, the dealing is concentrated in the hot need for good mixing grade and market grading garlic and so on and the cold storage garlic price maintain the original state because the right low price is not easy to organization.
In the afternoon, the price in main production areas have signs of stability.  Maybe given to the atmosphere, the sellers who have good quality of goods insist to maintain higher price, and the seller whose goods are inferior is accompanying sales. The enthusiasm of just need to customers who is to follow up on the demand side shows signs of slowing down, and some buyers lower their purchasing standards. On the whole, market heat in the afternoon is not as good as the morning, the market is still not free source of problems.All day part of the mixed grade garlic price has raisen two or three points, the general mixed grade price in the warehouse in 3.36-3.56yuan/kg, the garlic rice price in 5.60-6.16 yuan/kg, and the big mixed grade price in 3.80-4.20 yuan/kg.
Henan Production Area:  
Cold storage garlic market is stable and overheated. Though traffic control still exists, the origin of loading and departure tension are alleviated earlier. Supply side for sale to maintain the original state of goods, stockists shipping mentality is steady and some sellers have the intention to support the high price. At the same time, the just need customers performs to improve the enthusiasm of inquiry,.The garlic rice material, Indonesian goods and other sources of goods sell faster, and the garlic rice material and large mix grade of goods in the production area are easy to make a bargain. In general, the volume of goods has a small increase, and the mainstream price of cold storage garlic is basically stable. At present, the price of warehouse garlic rice material is about 2.76 yuan/kg, the price of big mixed grade is about 3.86 yuan/kg, and the price of Indonesian goods is about 3.40 yuan/kg. 
Jiangsu Production Area:
Due to the strict regulation, delivery are more inconvenient. Supply of goods to maintain the original state, most stockists shipping mentality temporarily stable who adhere to the bottom line. The demand side has a certain gap. However, the cold storage garlic cargo volume is not large because of the tight vehicle scheduling. Trading is partial active and mostly around 6.0cm and to superior garlic. The mainstream price of 6.5cm grade garlic in the warehouse is 7.00-7.60 yuan/kg, each grade is 30 to 40 fen lower. The white garlic of warehouse transaction is still sporadic and 6.5cm white garlic price is 8.40-8.60 yuan/kg. Raw skin processing garlic price is about 6.60 yuan/kg and processing garlic price is raising strongly.  
Due to the further regulation of epidemic prevention and control, logistics vehicle transportation is not smooth, and the market is generally short of good sources of goods which leads to higher product prices. But garlic prices are generally stable as new supplies are about to hit the market.