Bottom Price For Dehydrated Garlic

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The planting area of garlic is a little more than last year. It is around 1320000 acres. But many garlic farmers have to give tender garlic shoots out for free because of the weak market and cheap prices at this season.
Besides fresh consumption, garlic has been processed into a variety of commercial products, such as dried garlic slices, garlic powders, mashed garlic, garlic oil, garlic mayonnaise etc.

As you may know the price of dehydrated garlic has almost hit the rock bottom these days, It is predicted that the whole material's quantity is around 600,000MTS in 2018, while the capacity of 2017 was around 300,000MTS.

We will have new crop 2018 of dehydrated garlics in the end of May, if you have purchase plan we suggest the order to be placed early, some businessmen may start to stock the new garlic in refrigeratory, and we are afraid the price will go up accordingly if you keep waiting. On the other side, the labor cost and environment protection cost are becoming higher and higher.

What's more, dehydrated garlics have shelf life for more than 2 years, so for now it's the best time to make your decision, you can buy some for your stock and get ready for your future concumption.
We welcome your any questions for the market information, prices will be updated upon your needs.