The Era For Freeze Dried Food Is Coming

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There are more and more food brands in the market, homemade or imported ones with high and low end. Not only consumers have a problem of selecting, but also the sellers, who are confusing about which food could be hot and which is the best choice for buyers. Luckily we can find something from mature overseas market.

Recently many snack shops are drawing people’s attention, new products can be found in many shops, these new items are a series of new healthy freeze dried food which were made by freeze drying technology, and they are very popular. A  customer is buying these and saying: “ freeze dried food is more healthier, I am always have my kids eating them.” She also says that she is willing to recommend these food to her friends and colleagues.

 FD fruits and vegetables.jpg

" FD " is short for freeze dried, it means vacuum freeze drying technology. In Europe, there is a revolution of instant coffee which is made from freeze drying. In Japan there were already 22 kinds of freeze dried food involves meat, egg, vegetable, fish products, cereal, fruits, beverage, health-care products and so on in 80s.

How is the future of FD food? There is data shows that at present, freeze dried food has reached a relatively high level of popularity in some developed industrial countries, America and Japan is above 40%.

According to the statistics of relevant departments, American people currently consumes 5 million tons of FD food a year, Japanese 1.6 million, French 1.5 million, and other countris also very high. Japan spends around 100 billion yen a year importing FD food; Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea have reached 50 billion; Japan, USA and EU and other places need about 6000 tons of FD garlic powder per year, it can be seen how big the market is for freeze dried food in the world.


It’s easy to find out that, FD food is very different from puffed food, fried food and others, they are leading a new generation of health snacks, their competition may expend the snacks market and explode the health food industry.

The age of "eating seasoning" is declining, the era of "raw materials" began to rise, "Health" has become a new theme in the food industry.