The Latest News on Processing Raspberries

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It’s so hot in Summer, some people are having their Summer holiday once a year, they go to the sea or move into the mountain area to escape the heat, and business may suspend at July and August.

But factory is factory, we won’t stop as long as they have raw materials to work with, what’s new in July? Yes many European customers are looking forward to raspberries, there is a month or so of picking when raspberry gets ripe, and we will have new crop of freeze dried raspberries very soon!

ripe raspberries.jpg 

Normally we buy raw material of raspberry in this month, people's purchase demand is also increasing since June and July, some people like the taste of sour, while some people prefer sweet ones, people like raspberry and they are great food ingredients for oatmeal or yogurt making and baking, and it could become pleasant fruit tea as well with boiled water. It's also a good replacement of the traditional hot air-dried fruit Raspberry have high value in both economic and nutrition, especially rich in Lipid, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, sugar and carbohydrate. It’s naturally manufactured with absolutely green and healthy quality in our workshop, and 100% raspberry are used without any additives. And freeze-drying is nowadays the most advanced technology in dehydrated food industry, which has maximally remained most of the nutritional contents in fresh fruits. 

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With new crop of raspberries, you may place the order together with other freeze dried fruits like mango, pineapple, banana, apple, yellow peach, strawberry etc, your sales will be greatly increased and fruit mixes are also attractive in supermarkets, we welcome any wholesaler and distributor come and send us inquiries~