The Latest News on Garlic Market

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It was cold in the Winter of 2020, it’s said to be the coldest year in 60 years. At present, the cold wave is still continuing in domestic area, The garlic shoots of the new season got frozen. Especially the outside two layer of part of the garlic shoots planted in Jinxiang, Liaocheng, Laiwu and Linyi, many people from industry began to care about the growth of new season garlic.

Compared with the cold air days in history, during 2015-2016 there were four days in garlic growing when the temperature is below -10℃, which lasted from Jan. 22th to 25th in 2016. But in this Winter there are already five days in garlic growing when the temperature is below -10℃, they are Nov. 25th-26th in 2020, and Jan.6th-8th in 2021.

Old farmers over 40 years old and people with rich planting experience start to worried about the output of new crops, it may be influenced by the cold wave too. Some of them think the possibility of output increasing will be small, and it can’t be predicted about how much the reduction will be.

Over the past several days, the news of the new season garlic seedlings being frozen has been talked everywhere, from Jan. 10th the garlic stockist became hesitate and unwilling to sell their inventory, unless they meeting a higher price. Some new buyers were involved in the market for profit seeking, the deals became more active with prices unstably increased.

The main trend is to negotiate prices on the basis of quality when prices are rising. Welcome to send us your inquiry when you have rigid demand, we will make a good delivery suggestion according to your purchase plan!