Dehydrated Garlic News in Middle March

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The first place or origin:
The market is running smoothly this week,where speculator who intend to intervene in this week is reduced.Regional trade revolves around rigid demand, merchants and factories are only purchasing garlic powder/granules when low-price sources are found. So the trading is moderate and the garlic price is basically stable.
The price of hybrid root flakes in 2021 is nearly 11300-11800 RMB/ton, nearly 11100-11600 RMB/ton in 2020, and 10900-11400 RMB/ton in 2018.The price of four or six cloves of garlic in 2020 is 11900-12400 RMB/ton,while in 2018,it was 11500-12000 RMB/ton.
In addition, some garlic flakes processing plants suspended their production due to environmental problems .
The second place or origin:
This week the trading volume of garlic market was increasing quickly before getting slow. At the beginning, customers from Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, South America and other overseas  were purchasing actively, especially the hybrid garlic was sold well. Later, garlic powder/granule factory and overseas merchants’ enthusiasm slightly decreased and the trading became slow. The trading in this whole week is well in general, also the mainstream prices are basically stable.
Currently, the price of 2021 hybrid garlic flakes is around 11,000 RMB/ton, and four to six cloves of garlic flakes without roots is 17,500-19,000 RMB/ton.  
The third place or origin:
Garlic flakes trading in Hebei is not fast.There were seldom speculators involved, and merchants or factories dealing with garlic powder or granules had less interest, mostly they were in favor of garlic flakes crop 2020 with better appearance.Crop 2021 garlic flakes was not selling well that the supplying speed in production areas is slow. At present,the price of crop 2021 hybrid garlic flakes is 11500-12000 RMB/ton, crop 2020 is 11500 RMB/ton. Besides, the price of crop 2021 four to six cloves garlic is 12500-13000 RMB/ton,crop 2020 is 12000-12500 RMB/ton.
Currently, given to the  adequate supply and the war between Russia and Ukraine,the trade of garlic products 
is slow at a certain extent. Aside this, As some are optimistic about garlic production in 2022, many domestic buyers are also holding back. Therefore,the trading in dehydrated garlic market is tepid now and the price is stable with little rising. But it is the time that good quality materials from inventory will be taken out for sale, and the quality and cost performance of finished garlic will be improved.