The Demand and Supply of Dehydrated Garlic in 2020

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Whether the garlic harvested in the summer of 2020 can be profitable is closely linked to the production and sales quantity of dehydrated garlic slices. Dehydrated garlic flakes are a key indicator for garlic destocking this summer, on the one hand, how much fresh garlic can be dehydrated determines how much fresh garlic can be stored in the refrigerator. On the other hand, the export volume of dehydrated garlic affects whether the inventory pressure of garlic slices can be released.
From the supply side: The garlic slicing progress in the summer of 2020 is slow and the inventory is excessive.

Domestic garlic slice price chart

Domestic garlic slice price chart.jpg
Since the production of new garlic, the price of hybrid dehydrated garlic slices presents an upward trend of shock. This week, the price of newly produced washable budless hybrid slices is around 8800 RMB/ton, the price is almost in line with the cost of production. About 100 production lines are in operation in China, and the daily production of garlic flakes is between 2,500-3,000 tons. About 90% of the goods produced are supplied to warehouses, the selling is moderately hot this week, but stockists resisted high prices. Enterprises processing granules/powder take goods to maintain their basic need, trading volume is general.