Why Has the Price of Garlic Gone Up Again?

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Many garlic buyers abroad have slowed down their purchases recently, because of garlic price increase. They are watching Chinese market to see where prices are going and waiting to see if garlic goes up or down

By July 20, 2020, the storage quantity of new garlic in China's six major producing areas is about 3.447 million tons, and the remaining quantity of old garlic in 2019 is about 566 million tons.Other small production areas about 50 thousand tons of storage.The total amount of new and old garlic in China is about 4.063 million tons.The national stock of new and old garlic has exceeded the total stock in 2018.

Why did dehydrated garlic price goes up from June?
This year the garlic speculators booked warehouses in advance, they snapped up for storage since June 1st. As the new crop season begin, lots of fresh garlic being bought into the warehouse, which made garlic price increased immediately in July, the reason is that the farmers think that the increase in output is positive, so the farmers are willing to sell when the stockists are rushing to buy and put garlic in storage, dealers follow the trend and buy a large number of goods too, resulting in the garlic quickly transferred into the warehouse and the hands of traders. They only stock but seldom sell, making garlic price to rise rapidly.

The amount of production and processing this year has been small because of high cost in materials, but 2020 is supposed to be a year with lots of manufacture.

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